Boat Slips


The Brigantine Elks 2428 has a beautiful waterfront location with a marina. Members are assigned a boat slip based upon criteria set by the Governing Body of Officers and the Dockmaster. Members granted boat slips are required to fulfill a certain amount of volunteer hours throughout the year in addition to a fee for the boat slip.


Forms required by existing Boat Slip occupants:


- Signed Boat Slip Indemnification Form

- Boat Slip Volunteer Hours Form. 25 Hours Needed.

- Copy of Boat Registration. 

The forms may not have the current date on them, but are ok 

to use. 

These forms are available on the FORMS page

2021 Rates,  

Slips 1-10                      $960
Slips 11-19                    $1166
Slips 21-29                    $1166
Slips 20&30                   $1227
Slips 31&32                   $1377
Slip 33                            $798


Boat Slip Rules- Disregard the rates listed within the rules below, those are last years.

Disregard the rates listed in the rules below as that will be updated soon. The current rates for 2021 are above. ​