George's Weekly Column


week end 9/9/16



DAVE PETERSON!  DAVE PETERSON!  DAVE PETERSON!  In vain we call.  He has passed through the valley of shadows into the light of eternal peace.  Dave will  long be remembered.  With us Elks, an Elk is never forgotten nor forsaken.  Morning and noon may pass him by, the sun sink heedlessly in the west, but ere the shadows of midnight shall fall, the chimes of memory will be ringing forth the friendly message, to our Absent Brother.

I know there are some of you who are wondering if you knew Dave.  I assure you that you did in many ways, some perhaps not realized or appreciated.  Did you notice a burned out light bulb was replaced?  A broken toilet repaired?  A clogged up sink is now draining freely?  Carpet stains were removed?  The water marks on the walls after a roof leak are gone?  After the Sandy reconstruction the Elk head, pictures and plaques re hung?  Did you ever think of who helped cook, set up and clean up after that Sunday football buffet you enjoyed? I could go on and on but I'm not. I am sure that now you knew Dave by now.

It has been said that our lives are merely on loan from God.  Dear Lord, thank you for loaning us Dave. 

Bye, George.