As an Elk, we serve the members and the community. Without volunteers to give those hours to perform needed activities, the organization cannot support all the charitable events, donations and activities.  If every member could pledge just 2 volunteer hours a year we would have the manpower to accomplish so much more that we already do.  I realize that not everyone can pick up a hammer to build a roof, paint a wall, cook a meal or clean up after an event.  Our members with physical limitations can still help with just an hour of stuffing envelopes for a mailing or addressing our monthly newsletter. There is a lot behind the scenes to keeping this building running, to staffing our events and to provide the services to those that receive the benefits of our efforts. Some members that want to volunteer just don’t know the many ways our community can use their particular abilities.

Fraternally Yours,

Pat Orchard

Exalted Ruler